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How To Incorporate Walking Into Your Daily Routine

Our lives are busier than ever. Trying to balance work, relationships and commitments, all while trying to get enough sleep, eat right and stay active can be challenging. We know it can be especially hard to find time to exercise, but whether you’ve had an active lifestyle for many years or just wanting to kick […]

Golf and Chiropractic

Golf is a sport with many health and wellbeing benefits. A reported 60 million people of all ages play golf across the world, sometimes into their 80s and 90s. The health benefits have been widely reported in recent years with an 18 hole round amounting to 6-8 km of walking, requiring over 8,000-12,000 steps and […]

Criteria for Choosing a Chiropractor

Over the decades, many people have claimed they have been helped by chiropractic care. Both medical research and the testimonies of the patients themselves attest to the benefits of chiropractic treatments. Yet sadly, there have been some controversies lately regarding a few people who claim to be specialists of this medical modality. It comes as […]

The Most Common Conditions and Symptoms Chiropractors Treat

Subluxation is a spinal disorder characterised by chiropractors as a dislocation on the spine caused by misaligned vertebra or vertebrae. The number of dislocated vertebrae and the gravity of the misalignment determine the severity of the subluxation. In chiropractic, subluxation can be a cause of other health conditions and can exacerbate some pre-existing symptoms that […]

Cricket Players Seek Help from Chiropractic

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in Australia today. According to Topend Sports, Cricket ranks 2nd only to AFL (Australian Football League) when it comes to being searched online.[1] This statistic is not surprising because, just last year, Australia won the World Cup for the 5th time. In fact, the country now holds […]