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Top Three Cardio Exercises With A Lower Limb Injury

          If you have an injury to your leg it can be really frustrating not being able to exercise the way you want to. If you have an ankle, knee or hip joint or muscle injury, it can seem like all your regular cardio workouts are off the table. And there’s […]

4 Reasons You’re Hungry All the Time

It can be easy to view hunger as a bad thing — and while it’s certainly an inconvenient feeling — it’s as innate as the need to yawn or go to the bathroom. In fact, hunger is a crucial biological signal. To understand this, a refresher of the autonomic nervous system is helpful. The autonomic nervous (ANS) system […]

Corns and Calluses

Corns and calluses are common skin conditions of the feet that can be easily treated, but good foot care and properly fitted shoes can prevent them developing. How do corns and calluses develop? Given your feet carry your body weight, footwear can make this more challenging if it creates extra friction on areas of your […]

How To Incorporate Walking Into Your Daily Routine

Our lives are busier than ever. Trying to balance work, relationships and commitments, all while trying to get enough sleep, eat right and stay active can be challenging. We know it can be especially hard to find time to exercise, but whether you’ve had an active lifestyle for many years or just wanting to kick […]

Aussie Dentists Warn Hockey Players of Mouthguard Failure

Last August of 2015, a young Australian woman by the name of Christina Johnson suffered grave injuries when she was playing a favourite sport of hers. She was hit by a hockey stick on her face resulting to most of her teeth being displaced while her lips and gums incurred multiple lacerations – all these […]

Physiotherapists Can Help Patients with HIV

Unlike in the previous decades, a lot of people with HIV are now living their lives normally and not as outcasts. Albeit there are still improvements that can be implemented about AIDS awareness among the populace, there is a positive change on how those afflicted with the virus are viewed and treated. We even have […]

Remedial Massage Therapy for Sports People

Strenuous physical activity can strain the various parts of your body. It goes without saying that those body parts which do most of the movements receive most of the strain. Albeit enjoying and gratifying, what physical activity is more commonly known to be tiring and straining than SPORTS. People can benefit a lot from playing […]