Subluxation is a spinal disorder characterised by chiropractors as a dislocation on the spine caused by misaligned vertebra or vertebrae. The number of dislocated vertebrae and the gravity of the misalignment determine the severity of the subluxation. In chiropractic, subluxation can be a cause of other health conditions and can exacerbate some pre-existing symptoms that are already being experienced by a person.

Fortunately, if subluxation is the problem, we have chiropractors who will provide the solution. As mentioned, subluxation can manifest itself through other conditions, and it can even cause aggravation of  already existing symptoms. In the many years and decades chiropractors have been doing spinal alignments and manipulations since the modality’s inception in 1895, they were able to provide treatment, relief, and remedy to various symptoms and conditions that hounded patients of all walks of life. Here are 5 of the most surprisingly common among them.


Technique and Practice of Chiropractic circa 1915

Stress and Fatigue

When we talk about fatigue and stress, we are not dealing with just the body alone. Aside from physiological, they can also be emotional and mental. Albeit stress and fatigue alone are uncomfortable sensations, they can cause illnesses and disorders such as hypertension, insomnia, eating disorders, among many others.

Chiropractic is by nature a therapy which uses manual manipulation and massage of the spine. Massage in itself is a known procedure that alleviates fatigue, stress, and tensions in the body. Aligning the spine to its natural state returns balance to the nervous system, thereby encouraging the brain to defeat mental and emotional stress.

Poor Body Resistance

There is a study which shows that the immune system and endocrine glands (the ones that excrete hormones into the blood stream) are directly linked to the nervous system. Microscopic cells in the nervous system act as messengers that carry communication between the endocrine system and our body’s immunity. A disruption on this communication can slow down the body’s natural capability to resist diseases.

By getting rid of subluxations, chiropractors are able to straighten the path of communication between those bodily systems through a re-aligned spine, which is a major player in the entire nervous system.


Otherwise labelled as Fibrositis or Fibromyalgia, Fibromyositis is a condition of the soft tissue and musculoskeletal system. It manifests itself through chronic pain, and because of it, this disorder disrupts normal sleeping habits, causes stress, and disturbs your regular functions. It is characterised by tender yet painful trigger areas of the muscle tissues.

If there is one aspect of our bodily systems which spinal manipulation affects directly, it is the neuro-musculoskeletal system. The spine has direct contact with pressure points dealing with the painful areas of the muscles, joints, and soft tissue – whether it is in (but not limited to) the shoulder, neck, or back.

Motion Rigidity

Body flexibility is a trait our younger selves have. Yet, as you grow older, you get more and more inflexible over time – thus, limiting your range of movements. The thing is, an increasing amount of limited movements is not something you want to experience in your journey through age. What is worse is that a situation, in which you have less movement and exercise, can also lead to debilitating stiffness of muscles and joints.

In a study done by RMIT University in Melbourne through its Phillip Chiropractic Research Centre, scientists were able to find that chiropractic treatments could improve the motion range of people who receive chiro care. Those who volunteered to undergo this experiment were 105 patients: some received fake spinal adjustments, some did not receive at all, while the remaining were treated with real chiropractic adjustments. The result showed that the those who underwent the full chiro treatment were the ones to experience a noteworthy improvement on their flexibility and extent of movements.

(Last but not the least) Chronic Headache and Migraine

Some headaches just take a while, and yet others regularly occur and can be lingering. For migraines, the pain can even trigger a compulsion to vomit (nausea). Obviously, headache and migrane are symptoms that are likely to be caused by a musckuloskeletal condition – and when it comes to musculoskeletal conditions, (as mentioned previously) chiropractic can provide relief and remedy.

Most chronic headaches and migraine are caused by improper posture of the spine. As proof that chiropractic helps in relieving pain from headache and migraine, researchers at the Macquarie University conducted a medical test among patients who are enduring pain from migraine. The result of the test confirmed that a strong 72% of those examined had an evident experiential shift from pain to relief – this was after they underwent chiropractic manipulations on their spines.



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Image By Loban, Joy Maxwell, b. 1887 [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons