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Aussie Dentists Warn Hockey Players of Mouthguard Failure

Last August of 2015, a young Australian woman by the name of Christina Johnson suffered grave injuries when she was playing a favourite sport of hers. She was hit by a hockey stick on her face resulting to most of her teeth being displaced while her lips and gums incurred multiple lacerations – all these […]

3D Printed Teeth Against Oral Bacteria

If ever you lose a tooth or you need to get your teeth replaced due to extreme dental caries and tooth decay, dentists will recommend the use of dentures to fix the condition. Dentures or false teeth have been in existence since the 7th century when ancient humans were using bands of cut stones and […]

Drinking Tea – Powerful Against Dental Enemies

The most basic way to express love for your teeth is to brush them regularly, preferably every after a meal. If the habit is not feasible because of your busy time, then brush your teeth at least twice a day. Aside from tooth brushing, reducing (if you cannot avoid) the intake of foods with high […]