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Osteopathy Complements Mainstream Physiotherapy

Osteopathy and physiotherapy are two of the medical modalities popular among senior citizens, patients recuperating from injury, and people seeking relief from body pains caused by certain disorders. Albeit their main objective is the same (mainly to help the patient in pain relief, recovery from injury, and improvement of bodily functions) and their techniques are […]

Your Baby’s Skull and Osteopathy

It is normal to see newborn babies sleeping more than they are awake. As a matter of fact, an infant of 0 to 12 months needs to doze off to a total of 16 to 20 hours each day; they would just wake up when they need to feed (and play around showing you that […]

Professional Cyclist Turned Osteopath Shares How Osteopathy Helps Cyclists

Just like any other physically strenuous sport, cycling is an athletic game which requires frequent body tune ups, joint calibration, mental and musculoskeletal conditioning. Who else can attest more so to this statement than someone who has the combined expertise of both passions – cycling and osteopathy. Alice Monger-Godfrey is a former professional cyclist in […]

Reasons You Need to See an Osteopath Now

Every physician and medical practitioner wants his or her patient to be well and healthy. Whatever bodily disorder is ailing the patient, the medical professional is ever willing to provide assistance in bringing about remedy and, whenever necessary, ask the aid of specialists from other modalities. His/her concern and mission is to help people get […]

Your Child and Osteopathy, What Are The Benefits

When we talk about bones and muscles, we are actually discussing the musculoskeletal system of the body. In certain occasions, we divide it into 2 separate systems, namely the muscular system and the skeletal system. The former pertains to the body’s muscles including the heart, and the latter refers to the bones, joints, and connective […]