No astute website owner will want his or her website to remain just a static website with no content updates and no engagements outside of the site whatsoever. Side by side with traffic generation and visitor acquisition, you also want those visitors to return and be part of a community of loyal customers.

This is why we have social media marketing. Through a vibrant presence and engaging content in relevant social media, you not only generate traffic to your website, you also enable the growth of a community of loyal customers and establish a worthwhile online reputation and brand awareness.

In fact, there are 13 million Australians who are active on Facebook alone, and they are some of the heaviest users in the world. The place where most people are converging is also the place where you marketing efforts should be poured in.

Besides, if you talk about organic SEO (search engine optimisation), you cannot avoid dealing with social media. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Google Plus, managing your community in social media is essential to the visibility and reputation of your online presence. With all your work as a healthcare professional, you may just be too busy to manage it all. Let Health Web handle the social media marketing for your website, and together, we will build an online community of loyal clients for your medical practice and clinic.

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