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Should Preventive Healthcare Be Contrary to Reactive Medicine?

Getting sick is costly. It forces you to spend money in a sudden instance. Expenditures such as buying a car or house and paying for your child’s education are often planned and budgeted. Illness, on the other hand, comes like a masked thief who steals away, not just your wellness, but your hard earned savings […]

Naturopathic Doctors are Different from Naturopaths

With all the pollution in the air we breath and the toxins we unintentionally consume from preserved foods, more and more people are now realising the goodness of returning to traditional yet natural ways of living. Foods with no preservatives, fruit juices freshly squeezed, and organic goods directly harvested from the farm are much preferable […]

Myths about Naturopathy and What Naturopathic Medicine Really Is

It is sad that many people have sidelined naturopathic medicine in the sphere of pseudo-science. They see naturopathic doctors as mere practitioners of quackery rather professionals who specialise on a legitimate branch of medical science. Somehow, we cannot blame them because there are certain folks who address themselves as naturopaths but whose mere expertise lies […]