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Osteopathy Complements Mainstream Physiotherapy

Osteopathy and physiotherapy are two of the medical modalities popular among senior citizens, patients recuperating from injury, and people seeking relief from body pains caused by certain disorders. Albeit their main objective is the same (mainly to help the patient in pain relief, recovery from injury, and improvement of bodily functions) and their techniques are […]

Oldest Evidence of Dental Practice

If you in your adult years are still afraid of going to the dentist, you should consider yourself fortunate. Our ancestors did not allow themselves to be troubled by dental problems just like that. Even without the availability of sterile devices and anesthesia, they would rather fight it out than suffer the lingering pangs of […]

How Remedial Massage Helps Runners with Achilles Tendonitis

One of the most common injuries of the foot incurred by runners and even by frequent joggers is Achilles tendonitis. This condition is characterised by a heavy soreness on the tendon connecting your calf and heel, with the propensity to hinder your ability to use your foot when running, playing sports, and even for the […]

3D Printed Teeth Against Oral Bacteria

If ever you lose a tooth or you need to get your teeth replaced due to extreme dental caries and tooth decay, dentists will recommend the use of dentures to fix the condition. Dentures or false teeth have been in existence since the 7th century when ancient humans were using bands of cut stones and […]

Should Preventive Healthcare Be Contrary to Reactive Medicine?

Getting sick is costly. It forces you to spend money in a sudden instance. Expenditures such as buying a car or house and paying for your child’s education are often planned and budgeted. Illness, on the other hand, comes like a masked thief who steals away, not just your wellness, but your hard earned savings […]

Criteria for Choosing a Chiropractor

Over the decades, many people have claimed they have been helped by chiropractic care. Both medical research and the testimonies of the patients themselves attest to the benefits of chiropractic treatments. Yet sadly, there have been some controversies lately regarding a few people who claim to be specialists of this medical modality. It comes as […]

Bigger Role for Physiotherapists All over The World

Massage salons and reflexology experts abound and are easy to reach these days. More demand for their expertise continues to rise due to the accelerating amount of stress, body pains (and injuries) being experienced by many people of today. Yet, the sprouting of massage centres, and injury and pain management professionals (whether legit or self-proclaimed) […]

Is Emma Out to Replace Physiotherapists?

Before you think of something else, let’s get to know first who Emma is; or in this case, what it is. EMMA is the acronym for Expert Manipulative Massage Automation. Thus, Emma is a robot designed and developed to perform physical therapy for athletes and acupoint therapy* which is a method of massage in Chinese […]

Naturopathic Doctors are Different from Naturopaths

With all the pollution in the air we breath and the toxins we unintentionally consume from preserved foods, more and more people are now realising the goodness of returning to traditional yet natural ways of living. Foods with no preservatives, fruit juices freshly squeezed, and organic goods directly harvested from the farm are much preferable […]